CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT Organizing Committee

Martina Macpherson

Vice President
Moody’s MIS Assessments Group (MISA

Biography: Martina Macpherson is Senior Vice President, Strategic Engagement & Pa ReadMore...

Research Interest: Martina is responsible for Moody’s ESG outreach and engage ReadMore...

Felix Kogan

Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division

Biography: Felix has acted as Principal Investigator of numerous national and int ReadMore...

Research Interest: Remote Sensing, Climate and Weather Impact Assessments, Drou ReadMore...

Peter Schmitz

Institute for Hygiene and Public Health
University Bonn

Biography: Peter Schmitz is a medical doctor, specialised in surgery, tropical me ReadMore...

Research Interest: Infection prevention and Control, Project Cycle Management a ReadMore...

Grace McClain

National Association of County and City Health Officials

Biography: Grace McClain holds a master’s degree in public health systems and p ReadMore...

Research Interest: Environmental Health Regulation and Compliance in Food Safet ReadMore...

Marie T. Benner

Independent Consultant

Biography: She is a public health expert with 26 years of international experienc ReadMore...

Research Interest: Human Health and Climate Change Public Health

Andre Francisco Pilon

International Academy of Science, Health & Ecology
University of Sao Paulo

Biography: Associate Professor, University of São Paulo; Psychologist, State Cou ReadMore...

Research Interest: Public Health & Ecology

Luke Thomas Roberts

University of Bristol

Biography: Luke Thomas Roberts is doing MSci in Environmental Geoscience from Uni ReadMore...

Research Interest: Oceanography, Meteorology and Volcanology

Adam W. Whelchel, PhD

Director of Science
The Nature Conservancy/CT

Biography: Dr. Adam Whelchel’s twenty-six year career in leadership positions h ReadMore...

Research Interest: update soon.

Dr. Somesh K. Mathur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Biography: M.A. (Economics) from JMI, Delhi. M Phil(International Trade and Deve ReadMore...

Research Interest: Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, New trade AndGrowth T ReadMore...

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Dehghani

Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)

Biography: Professor Dr. Mohammad Hadi Dehghani (PhD) is a Full Professor at the ReadMore...

Research Interest: Environmental Science and Sustainable Development, Air Pollu ReadMore...

Magdalene McCarty Sanders

President at Earth Stewards
National Tribal Air Association

Biography: I received my Master Degree in Public Administration with a Concentrat ReadMore...

Research Interest: We are at a pivotal moment where we see risk and vulnerabili ReadMore...


University of Mysore

Biography: Dr. Devaraja is the Post Doctoral Fellow from the Corvinus University ReadMore...

Research Interest: Foreign Exchange Management and national climate policies, ReadMore...

Benard Muok

Jaramogo Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology

Biography: Benard Muok hols a Ph.D. degree from KyotoUniversity, Japan in Tropica ReadMore...

Research Interest: Renewable Energy

Yousef Nazzal

Zayed University
United Arab Emirate (UAE)

Biography: Yousef Nazzal completed his Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences at the M. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Natural resources development, Environmental management, Wat ReadMore...

Dharma K.C

Founder & Executive Director of Climate Advocacy
Climate Advocacy International
Kathmandu, Nepal

Biography: Mr. K.C has completed his Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineeri ReadMore...

Research Interest: Research works are focused on bringing technical, economic a ReadMore...

Dr. Wil Burns

Founding Co-Executive Director of the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment
International Environmental Law Section of the American Branch of the International Law Association

Biography: Dr. Wil Burns is Founding Co-Executive Director of the Forum for Clima ReadMore...

Research Interest: climate geoengineering, and the effectiveness of the Europea ReadMore...

Jaime Senabre

Researcher, Director of SINIF
University of Alicante

Biography: Psychologist and Environmental Consultant. He did doctoral studies in ReadMore...

Research Interest: Forest fires, risk perception, natural hazards, environmenta ReadMore...

Dr. Monowar Alam Khalid

Integral University

Biography: Prof. Khalid, Ph.D., M.Phil (Zoology), Head & Dean, Students’ Welfar ReadMore...

Research Interest: Climate Change, Wildlife, Biodiversity, Sustainable Developm ReadMore...

Gene R. H. Fry

Energy Efficiency
& Global Warming Consultant

Biography: Gene Fry grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. He received his PhD ReadMore...

Research Interest: 1. Temperatures trends in the US, mostly summer highs over 4 ReadMore...

Peter Hoeppe

Head Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Centre
Munich Re

Biography: Prof. Hoeppe joined Munich Re in 2004. He was appointed Head of the Ge ReadMore...

Research Interest: His main areas of research have been effects of atmospheric ReadMore...

Vijay P. Singh

Distinguished Professor
Texas A&M University

Biography: Professor V.P. Singh is a University Distinguished Professor, a Regent ReadMore...

Research Interest: Watershed modeling, Erosion and Sediment Transport in Upland ReadMore...

Jean Sciare

The Cyprus Institute

Biography: J. Sciare is the director of the Energy Environment and Water Research ReadMore...

Research Interest: My main expertise covers the experimental characterization o ReadMore...

Wendy Lynne Lee

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Biography: Wendy Lynne Lee is professor of philosophy at Bloomsburg University of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Philosophy of language (particularly later Wittgenstein), ph ReadMore...

Hans Joachim Mueller

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Biography: Hans Joachim Mueller has completed his PhD in Geophysics at the Academ ReadMore...

Research Interest: Geophysical large volume high pressure research in conjuncti ReadMore...

Taha B.M.J. Ouarda

National Institute for Scientific Research

Biography: Dr Taha B.M.J. Ouarda’s specialization is in hydrometeorology, envir ReadMore...

Research Interest: Estimation of extreme hydro-meteorological events, modeling ReadMore...

Kikuro Tomine

National Defense Academy

Biography: 1951: Born in Japan.
1974: Graduated from Department of Physic ReadMore...

Research Interest: Aviation weather, Turbulence, Lightning, Fog, Artificial clo ReadMore...

Xiangrong Wang

Director and Professor
Fudan University

Biography: Xiangrong Wang is currently the director and professor of the Centre f ReadMore...

Research Interest: Environmental ecology assessment and Ecological planning, Gl ReadMore...

A. W. Jayawardena

Adjunct Professor
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Biography: A. W. Jayawardena is a retired professor with over 40 years of experie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Hydrology and Water Resources

Queena K Qian

Associate Professor
Delft University of Technology

Biography: Queena K QIAN is Assistant Professor at OTB research for Research Inst ReadMore...

Research Interest: green building promotion, building energy efficiency, transa ReadMore...

Qiang Zhang

Director and Professor
Beijing Normal University

Biography: Qiang Zhang has his expertise in evaluation of risk of floods and drou ReadMore...

Research Interest: Hydrometeorology, Natural hazards: modelling and mechanisms; ReadMore...